About Nadia

Los Angeles Dog Trainer Nadia Brunner, ABCDT, CPDT, owner of The Barking Bunch, spent her childhood in Europe, and found she was enamored with dogs at a very early age. She even has photos of herself in her stroller, faithfully guarded by her family dog "Raki."


Her inspiration to help others with their dog's behavioral issues stems from rescuing and owning a 100 pound, willful and loving Doberman Pincher mix. Nadia adopted him while attending college and would return from class finding her belongings torn up, her house soiled and her roomates asking her to give him up to another home. It was then that she realized that there had to be an easier way and that there were solutions to all these problems.


Over the following years Nadia began to educate

herself about dog behavior and not only was able

to train her own dog but help others with their pet's

behavioral issues as well. Her success in working

with other's dogs by word-of-mouth evolved into

Nadia starting up her own business dog walking in

Los Angeles. She continues to help her client'sdogs

not only with exercise but also with training.



Professional Training and Experience:


Nadia Brunner is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer educated with the Animal Behavior College ABCDT , certified pet dog trainer with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers CPDT-KA, a member of the Association for Pet Dog Trainers APDT and also an AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.


Nadia Brunner has worked with many rescue organizations developing dogs without hope for a home into adoptable loving family pets. She has since worked privately with dog owners in the Los Angeles area guiding them in their harmonious existence with their animals.

She is available for private behavioral counseling at 323.422.2840, or via email at thebarkingbunch@yahoo.com.


Nadia resides in Los Angeles with her husband and four legged kids, Monkey, Slicky, & Nugget. 


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Tips for dog owners:

Combining play and exercise with consistent training can positively impact yours and your dogs life.