Testimonials & Reviews

Nadia is a phenomenal trainer and dog walker -- there is no one better on the planet!   She is family to my dogs  .. they love her boundlessly, as she does them.   We are blessed to have her in our lives ...


Laura Mc Corkindale, owner of Moose & Billy

Moose & Billy

I have never met such a true and loving pup caretaker as Nadia. She absolutely knows dogs. And most honestly cares for dogs. Her kindness for our shiba, and all pups, radiates. It's just awesome! We now think of her as another mama to our furry son. We started with just three hikes a week, where she places pups by temperament, which our Mowgli adored. Then, because clearly he wanted more, we upped the hikes to five times a week, which he just loved. He not only got exercise but also socialization and care. His mood before the hikes was always excited anticipation and after hike a happy exhaustion. 

Nadia's help prepping Mowgli for our first human addition to the family was and still is priceless. We knew we didn't want Mowgli to feel jealous, neglected or anxious with the baby, and working with Nadia helped us prepare him for his sister. And after the baby arrived we needed some troubleshooting (as baby's are cutely unpredictable) and we sailed through it with Nadia by our side. She really guided us and truly knows Mowgli so well - helping him happily adjust and now love his little sister. 

I can't say enough awesome stuff about The Barking Bunch. We feel super lucky we found her! 


Rula A., owner of Mowgli



Nadia Brunner of THE BARKING BUNCH is an amazing woman;  I feel so fortunate that she was recommended to me for my pooch Woody. He is a Lab/Retriever/Basset mix and a very happy guy.  However, he is a puppy and is very strong with a lack of focus and difficult to walk.  Nadia took us under her wing and is now Woody’s BFF. 


I attended one of Nadia’s training classes at a park in Burbank; she is as great with humans as she is with dogs. She explained to us that  training your dog just means adjusting to how you interact with them; she took time to educate us on dog psychology and gave every person and their dog individual attention during each class. I can't stress enough what a great and positive influence she has been.  Her patience and leadership comes through with great ease and that to me is a tremendous help when you are feeling helpless; she truly brought my confidence back with my dog and my patience, which as we all know is KEY when trying to train your pups.  I boarded Woody with her and he could not have been happier.


If your experience with Nadia of THE BARKING BUNCH is anything like mine, you will never regret your investment…she is just terrific!



Kathleen M. Liddy, owner of Woody

My dog Beane has been hiking and boarding with Nadja at the barking bunch since she started 10 years ago... She is amazing! When I got my 2nd dog Orson, 5 years ago, who was socially a little skittish around other dogs and people, that being the case, I knew Nadja would take the best care... And she doesn't disappoint! 
He is not only wonderful around people now, he loves hanging out with his furry friends! 
She is truly a blessing. 


Mary Klimek, owner of Beane & Orson

Beane & Orson

I wish I could give 10 stars! 20! Nadia is simply the best. We have used her for both dog walking and boarding, and her service is absolutely amazing. She is so professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. I trust her in in every possible way. My dogs love her. When her K-9 Van pulls up to our house, my dogs literally explode into excited whines and cries. And I have so much peace of mind when I board them with her. 

Nadia treats our dogs like they are her own family. She makes sure they are exercised, safe, happy, loved, and taken care of. This is not her job. It is her PASSION. Her true calling. 

She has gotten our family through some stressful times and I just cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Barking Bunch!!!!



Amy D., Owner of Delilah & Audry

Delilah & Audry

Nadia is a gift!  She is compassionate, generous, patient and extremely knowledgeable about "all things dog".  In addition to hikes and boarding, Nadia has worked miracles training our very enthusiastic golden doodle.  She is a true pack leader and a dog whisperer in every way!  We would be lost without her.


Elizabeth R., owner of Daisy


I have four precious dogs, one of whom is paralyzed from the waist down.  It takes all the trust in the world for me to let anyone leave my house with any one of them, let alone all four.  Nadia has more than earned that trust.  In fact, over the past two years, their weekly walks with her have become such a thrilling part of our family ritual that they watch for her out the window every Friday morning when it's time for her to arrive.  She's smart, she's skilled, she's sensitive to each of them, she knows exactly what to do in any situation, even with my paralyzed one, and they thrive with her, knowing she loves them.  They once spent an entire day with her while my house was overtaken by a film crew, and I had the luxury of not having to spend one moment worrying about whether or not they were okay and having fun.  I can't imagine what we would do without her, and I have no intention of ever finding out.  She's not just great, she's a blessing.


Lindsay Harrison, owner of Sophie, George & Bette

Bette, George & Sophie

The Barking Bunch is quite simply THE BEST in Los Angeles.  I've known many, many dog trainers and walkers and they all pale in comparison to Nadia's knowledge, compassion and sheer results. Her patience, enthusiasm and obvious love of canines is refreshing and inspirational, to say the least.  I have learned so much from her and know there is no problem we can't overcome with her guidance.  Nadia also helped me rescue my dog (and love of my life) from a shelter and restore him to health and happiness after being emaciated, hit by a car and traumatized.  I owe her his life and I'll never be able to thank her enough for her continued efforts and kindness.  I will only trust my furry companions with Nadia, their guardian angel and an all-around-absolutely-lovely human being.


Aimie B, owner or Titus & Goulet

Titus & Goulet

I can't say enough good things about Nadja! Her positive reinforcement approach has been very successful with our stubborn, distrustful chihuahua. His excitement any time he sees her is a success on it's own! 
It's great to learn a positive way to curb bad habits, and Nadja has helped us understand where they come from as well as how to fix them.   I recommend her to anyone and everyone! 


Emily Akers, owner of Douglas & Dixie

Douglas & Dixie

Nadia has not only trained my dogs but also my clients. Her positive reinforcement techniques work well no matter what the issue. She is extremely professional, dependable and knowledgeable. 
From one professional to another she has my highest respect. She is the only person I would trust with my own dogs and the only trainer I will refer my clients to. I cannot recommend her enough !


Alicia Tully - owner of Naughty George Pet Care