Meet the Trainer:

Professional Training and Experience:


Nadia Brunner is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer educated with the Animal Behavior College ABCDT , certified pet dog trainer with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers CPDT-KA, a member of the Association for Pet Dog Trainers APDT and also an AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.


Nadia Brunner has worked with many rescue organizations developing dogs without hope for a home into adoptable loving family pets.


She has since worked privately with dog owners in the Los Angeles area guiding them in their harmonious existence with their animals.

She is available for private behavioral counseling at 323.422.2840, or via email at

Training Philosophy 


During her extensive work with dogs, Nadia has found one universal truth:

Dogs love to work and with the right kind of motivation dogs thrive in a relationship grounded in trust. The bond an owner has with their dog is based on the amount of work and attention the dog receives.


Nadia teaches using positive, science based and modern methods of training only. She does NOT believe in the use of shock collars, pinch or choke collars or forceful training. In her extensive research and experience she has seen dogs thrive in environment of learning that promotes focus on what motivates the dog. She teaches dog owners how to combine play with training and has seen quicker results with reward based training.


Nadia believes in using Positive Reinforcement Training Methods incorporating a dog's natural play drive, motivation and by strengthening the trust between dog and owner.


The success rate of this science-based training is astounding. Nadia's training methods are based on years of studying and observing animal behavior and understanding how to change animal behavior in a constructive and positive way.


"Dog owners often tell me: I want my dog to love and respect me. The solution is to earn that love and respect" Nadia helps owners to achieve the most yearned for value of any successful relationship - Trust.

The Barking Bunch

does not condone:







Personal, Professional Dog Training

A little patience, love and belief - together we achieve your and your dog's goals!
Professional positive reinforcement training by certified dog trainer and behavioral consultant Nadia Brunner.























With a little help you can be in charge:

Imagine your dog is:


  • No longer soiling in the house

  • Walking loosely on a leash beside you

  • Coming to you when called

  • Greeting guests gently

  • Focusing on you on command

  • Learning how to perfectly sit, down and stay

  • Not jumping up at you when you get home













With the right training and motivation your dog can achieve:



  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Being perfectly housetrained

  • No more jumping

  • Eye contact with you

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Down

  • Leave it

  • Come

  • And More!





Nadia works with each client based on the amount of sessions needed to achieve desired goals. Some goals can be achieved within one session. Sessions are held in client's home or park.


For private sessions please contact:

Nadia at 323.422.2840 or email her with any questions at